New Christian Arts Festival Launches in the North East of Scotland

We are really pleased to announce the launch of a new annual Christian Arts festival for the North East of Scotland. We want the festival to become an annual focus where a platform is provided for Christian artists/groups involved in the creative & performing arts to use as a space to come together to celebrate God’s creative expression through faith-inspired performances and projects that join us together as one church. As a global church we are at our best and most effective when we work together; it is our hope that Sightline Festival can be part of aiding in that happening.

Sightline Festival is beginning small, but we look forward to it growing organically over the coming years to become a main-stay feature in the lives of all who call the North East of Scotland home and helping to facilitate transformational change in our lives and community.

Please look towards supporting the artists and groups involved in this year’s festival by buying tickets and giving them an audience. We’ve tried to keep ticket pricing down as low as possible to make it as accessible as possible while also covering the costs of staging the festival overall.

We’re particularly honoured that Wilder Adkins from America’s ‘Deep South’, Scottish singer, songwriter, journalist and broadcaster Lins Honeyman, local band The Harmonica Movement, Inverness’ Out Of The Box and Jerry & Elizabeth Averill have signed up to give us an amazing opening lineup of the festival. With those alone it is promising to be worth coming along.

We also hope to be able to announce more events as we get closer to Wilder’s opening performance.